The Knights - Stonor Medieval Jousting
Stonor Medieval Jousting

The Knights of Royal England


Sir Jasper

The leader of the Red team and a very experienced knight who will stop at nothing to win. Sir Jasper has been competing in over 70 jousting tournaments each year for the past 30 years all over Europe as well as Dubai and in the United States and is very strong and wily, Sir Jasper will, as always, lead from the front.

Sir Jasper, riding in the red and blue diamond costume, is a great horseman always enjoying the challenge of mastering a wild and troublesome horse. His favourite weapon is the ball and chain and you will see that he will always favour trying to finish off his opponent by picking up a ball and chain and bludgeoning him to submission.

Lord Ashley of Hampshire

The pretty knight from the red team travels around the country with an army of female admirers, at least they will cheer for him! He is the current reigning Champion knight of 2018 and has been jousting regularly for over 12 years, is a very experienced and dangerous knight, very accurate with the lance and a very capable horse rider. Behind his steely exterior is a very competitive knight who would like nothing better than to win here this year. A man who has actions that speak louder than his words; he will ride in red and yellow, his favourite weapon is the sword and he is a very agile and tricky opponent to fight against.


Sir Sam of Hever

Leader of the blue team knight Sir Sam is young and energetic, now in his 12th full season as a premier league jouster. He rides well and fights well and will always be up for a challenge, however, Sir Sam has spent his fair share of time getting knocked off his horse and has taken a few nasty tumbles over the past couple of years. All part of the learning curve and he secured the Champion title in 2014, 2015 and 2017 with some amazing jousting and skills. His favourite weapon is the sword, his speed and agility make him a dangerous and fearsome opponent.

Thomas de Camoys, 1st Baron Camoys

A fellow knight on the blue team, and again a knight of great experience, Thomas de Camoys is the local Knight here at Stonor.  We are excited as he is due to command the left wing of the army at the Battle of Agincourt, so please take care, we don’t want him too badly injured as he has important work to do.

Camoys is always the first to goad his opponent with a joke or a quip and this is not always taken the right way by his opponent so he often ends up in trouble. He likes lots of weapons but has a tendency to be rather over ambitious and will often challenge two or three knights to combat at the same time.