Running into the woods at Stonor Park Tumblestone Hollow for a wild summer

Wild Summer

Wild Summer at Tumblestone Hollow

July 20th 2024 September 1st 2024


Ticket type Price
Adult (over 16) from £9.50
Child (over 5 years) from £10.50
Child (3-4 years) from £8.50
Child (2 years and under) from Free
Wild Summer at Tumblestone Hollow

Embrace nature and let imaginations fly at Tumblestone Hollow this summer.

Nurture young minds with some wholesome fun within the beautiful grounds at Stonor Park and the adventure playground, Tumbletone Hollow.

With plenty of space for children to run free and explore, Stonor Park and Tumblestone Hollow combine a special experience, immersed in nature. Children are encouraged to ignite their curiosity and wonder through the Nature Walk where they can discover more about the woodland and the animals that live there as well as build their own den. Can they use their senses to search the woods for the musical tree? The water pump area provides an interactive space for children to cool off and experiment with waterways in the sand (bring buckets!).

Families can follow the walkway that loops throughout the picturesque gardens of Stonor. For a longer stroll, why not follow part of Shakepeare’s Way, the walking route that runs along the top of the valley providing stunning views of Stonor Park and the house down below.

Stonor Park - Wild Summer of fun with pizza

Beautiful hand made pizza

Refuel at The Rumble Hut, savouring delicious wood-fired pizzas made by Italian Pizzaiolo Salvatore Di Giacomo. Classic hamburgers and fries, American-style milkshakes, Italian gelato ice cream and a range of hot and cold drinks will also be served.

The very best creamy Italian Gelato

Everyone loves ice cream and Gelato and ours is some of the best you’ll ever try. Lord Camoys tried it in Italy when he was a child and bided his time until he became a grown-up and could bring it back to the UK for you to enjoy too. It’s a perfect taste of Italy in a beautiful English woodland and a genuine Gelato experience.

The very best ice cream at Stonor this Wild Summer
Build your own den at the Wild Summer at Stonor Park
Run wild in the woods at the Wild Summer at Stonor Park
Water play at the Wild Summer at Stonor Park
Enjoy delicious ice cream and pizza at the Wild Summer at Stonor
Explore the woods and paths at Stonor Park
Explore the woods in the Wild Summer at Stonor Park